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Children's Church

Children’s Church provides a special environment during the church service for children ages 4 to 13 years old. Children have an enjoyable and stimulating time learning about their Heavenly Father by singing songs of praise and are taught doctrinal themes through Bible stories and memorization of scripture verses. Children are placed in age appropriate groupings allowing them to participate according to their developmental stages. The children practice and perform for special occasions such as Christmas, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. 


Our children are taught to bless others and through their weekly offerings initiated the “Changing the Life of One Child” program. The offering has subsidized the education of a group of children in Ghana. Our children’s gently used and new clothing is sent yearly to the Ghanaian children.


Graduates from Children’s Church return as Junior Helpers and assist teachers to provide a safe, fun, and exciting environment to nurture the children’s spiritual growth. Nutritional snacks are served and monthly birthdays are celebrated.



Children's Church...Where your children have their own church, while you relax and enjoy the "Word" without distraction.


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