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With that vision, we have been sponsoring students’ education for several years. We have now embarked on a new project to launch

the New Anointing Christian Fellowship Hope Center. This is a center where unemployed women will be taught basic skills such as sewing and embroidery in an effort to make them self reliant. A computer lab and a library will complement this facility. In addition, we have been donating items in barrels to various churches and organizations in Ghana such as Accra Mental Home every year.


"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”.

Proverbs 11:25



In 2012 New Anointing Christian Fellowship sent delegates to Ghana to visit the church’s sponsored children. The purpose was to meet the children and their families, to celebrate what God is doing in the lives and to meet the leaders to discuss the mission further.

On August 2012, 18 members left for Ghana. This includes: Bishop Thompson, Pastor Donna Thompson, Pastor Mason, Elder Sackey, Evangelist Sackey and family, to name a few.


It was amazing to get to meet the sponsored families and communicate personally with them. It was wonderful to meet the families and listen to their testimonies of how the Ghana mission has changed their lives from despair and hopelessness to confidence and happiness. Sandra’s family were homeless when the church began to sponsor Sandra. The church decided to help, by building them a new home. In 2012, Sandra’s family moved into their new home and since then they have never had to worry about rent. To God be the glory!


Dear beloved,

“I am very happy to write you this letter. I hope by the Grace of God you are all fine. I thank you for helping me in my education. You make me happy when I am sad and for being so kind to me. I also appreciate your coming to Ghana to visit us upon all the busy schedule you made it a point to be here. I pray that the Almighty God will continue to bless you all for being so kind to us and it is my prayer again that God will prolong your days on this earth."


Beloved in Christ,

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers and the entire church for your support to my grandchildren for the money you sent. I hardly consider myself ever being at a loss for words, it has been an amazing blessing to us in reaching and connecting with happy Christian family like this. They know they have no parent, so they are very happy you have taken them as your children and supporting them. We say thank you from hundreds of mile away from Ghana.”  Grandma Rose. (Kwame and Maa Afia)

Dear brethren,

It has been a good day for me to write to you this letter.  I want to say a very bit thanks to you for the gift me. The money you sent to me has given me a new life, because of that money I have been able to go back school. May the God of Jacob, Abraham, Moses, David Daniel and Samuel bless you and your entire family. If you see the sun rising up in the morning, it is my appreciation reaching you. Yours faithfully. Achiamah Mary.

Dear love ones,

“I am very happy to write you this letter, I hope by God’s grace you are all fine. The purpose for writing this letter to show how grateful I am towards your kindness. First of all I appreciate the love you have for me and the church as a whole. Second I have been receiving your gifts but I had never set my eyes on you until that special day during your visit. I appreciate you coming to Ghana just to be with us, upon all your busy schedule you made it a point to be here. I thank you for being there for us. I pray that God will continue to bless you all for being kind to us.

Yours forever. Dora”

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